Selected Works



  Whale Bones - Island Fire (E/D/W/A/P/X/M)
  Giraffe House - Folding Chair Fathers (E/D/P/X/M)


  Canadian Softball - Awkward and Depressed (Seven Single) (P/E)
  Daddy Rock - Rockstar (Cover) (D)
  Yumi Zouma - Willowbank (D)
  Yvette Young - Acoustics EP 2 (E/D/P/X/M)  
  The Wise Man's Fear - The Lost City (W/A)
  Archaeologist - Odysseys EP (M)
  John Tatom - Rara Avis (M)
  Josiah Alstott - New American Gothic (X/M)
  House Olympics - Spectral (E/D/X)
  Sojourner - Traveler's Tales (E/D/P/X/M)
  Glded - Transmissions and Yours Truly (M)


  House Olympics - Nothing Feels Better Than Feeling Better (X/M)
  Kiki & the Vettes (aE)
  The Wise Man's Fear - In Reach (Out of Touch) Acoustic [Single] (E/D/W/A/P/X/M)
  Yield the Ghost - Drums of War (E/D/X/M)


  From Indian Lakes - Absent Sounds Remixed Sounds (Triple Crown Records) (Single P/X/M)
  Stacks//Culture - You Tried EP (M)
  Tyler Frank - More Than Myself (X/D/M)
  Whale Bones - The Seaside EP (W/D/A/M)

Sofar Sounds Sessions Artists

  Tamas (X/M)
  The Hazy Seas (X/M)
  Whale Bones (X/M)
  Kevin Krauter (E/X/M)
  Oreo Jones (E/X/M)
  Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers (E/X/M)

Square Cat Vinyl Sessions

  Motherfolk (E/X/M)
  Nomad (X/M)
  Tombaugh Regio (X/M)

E: Engineer, D: Editing, W: Writer, A: Artist, P: Producer, X: Mixed, M:Mastered

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