Whale Bones is an American Indie/Alternative band from Bloomington, Indiana. The band is composed of Nathan Kane (vocals/guitar) and Paul Lierman (drums). 

The pair started playing music together on the street around 2014 when Kane and Lierman were both students at Indiana University. They quickly found that their drive and inspiration stemmed from similar areas and, soon after, formed what is now Whale Bones. Deriving influence from Indie, Post-Hardcore, Alternative, and Post-Rock, Whale Bones pushes to distinguish themselves from other groups in the modern scene.

Inspired by an adventure to the coast of Florida, their debut release, "The Seaside EP," explores a progression of self-regret and eventual forgiveness. With the intricate percussive patterns and crushing guitars along with the dynamic melodies, Whale Bones depicts the serene, yet violent nature of the ocean. The two recorded the EP in the Winter of 2014 at Primary Sound Studios in Bloomington, Indiana. The songs were mixed by Matt Goldman at Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta, Georgia and mastered by Nathan Kane. At just under 20 minutes, "The Seaside EP" thoroughly defines the raw and intimate yet refined sound of Whale Bones, giving a glimpse of what is still to come from the band.

"The Seaside EP" is available now through all digital distributors.