Nathan Kane is an American audio engineer and musician from Indianapolis.  His extensive experience includes engineering sessions for everything from jazz trios and rock bands to full orchestras, with musicians throughout the US. With a degree in Audio Engineering from Indiana University’s prestigious Jacobs School of Music, he is also the songwriter for the band Whale Bones.

After gaining recognition and respect for his work on a release for his band Whale Bones, Nathan began working with other musicians in Bloomington and quickly expanded his range of abilities, with multiple music genres. Some of these musicians include the Electronic artists Stacks//Culture, the Screamo/Emo band House Olympics, and the Metalcore band Sojourner. In 2015, he was chosen as the winner of the remix contest for From Indian Lakes’ song “Am I Alive”, and was featured on their release “Absent Sounds: Remixed Sounds” on Triple Crown Records. Nathan has spent his time experimenting with different techniques to fit specific aesthetics and to provide diversity in a sometimes oversaturated market of music.

Nathan is a musician in his own right. With skills in writing, arranging, and performing, he has been involved in two independent releases by Whale Bones and The Wise Man’s Fear, which resulted in multiple national tours with both.

 Whale Bones recently reentered the studio to begin recording their newest release. Nathan has taken on all aspects of production and will produce, mix, and master the entire project. The band just finished up a tour in May to support their previous release, and to begin promotion for their upcoming project.