Nathan Kane | Producer
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From Start to Finish

Recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and more. I can take your project from a thought in your head, to a fully-produced, radio-ready single or album. I give each part of the process the dedication and thoroughness that it deserves. I’m an experienced engineer with years of direct experience in modern production. When we are finished working together, you will have a polished and perfected track to that is ready to release.


Let’s Work Together

I love discussing creative projects. Let me help you reach your album’s full potential.





I'm a record producer based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. I enjoy working on creative projects involving sound, and visual media.

I help write and develop songs with my clients in order to reach the best end result. I am also a full-time songwriter for the bands Whale Bones, and The Wise Man’s Fear.

I would love to work with you on your next project. Please contact me via email. Let’s make your dream a reality.



I’ll only work with the best tools available in order to give you the best sounds for your music. I never compromise quality and am incredibly detail-oriented when it comes to perfecting your tracks. I keep my clients in the loop on projects at all times, and I deliver products that my clients are happy with. Let me take your music to the next level.

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